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07 April 2011

Josephy card overload! And a new journal. 

ZOMG! I just found a spin-off blog of Holy Card Heaven that's entirely devoted to ... Josephite holy cards: Saint Joseph Album! Granted, the decrepit ol' Joe ones set my teeth on edge, but there are plenty of others to swoon over, and I am mighty swoonified right now.

Interesting how I came across it mere minutes after pondering how I'll decorate the cover of my next spiritual journal: I'm on The Very Last Page (filled up pages faster'n usual due to my daily Lenten scribblings) and will have to start a new one tomorrow or Friday. On the cover (it's just a cheap, spiral-bound, quad-ruled dealio), I've taped a gigantor card with a prayer to St. Francis of Assisi, along with another card of Francis' prayer before the San Damiano crucifix.

For the next notebook, I was thinking I'd maybe slap on some Josephite ones, but didn't wanna sacrifice any of my current cards ... and then I found the Josephy site. Now I can print, cut out, and tape ones from there to my heart's content! Well, my heart's content as squooshed into an 8.5-by-11-inch area. This one of Joseph and Jesus, and this Holy Family one (on the main Holy Card Heaven blog), are Way Top Contenders.

Happy sigh.

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Blogger Bego said...

wow...those are exquisite! neat sites for sure!

09 April, 2011 20:25  
Blogger Bego said...

tag :)

13 April, 2011 07:14  

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