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03 January 2011

Writing for writing's sake 

Reading Marco's post, Blogging is a desert experience, triggered a bit of reflection on my own part (which is a darn spiffy aspect of the new media, don't ya think?) ... What's my overall goal of noodling around with this dinky blog o' mine? Why take the time to convert the stuff in my head into pixels that, in all likelihood, will hardly ever hit others' eyeballs?

Marco speaks of trying to write for writing's sake, and that's what I'm trying to do here, too -- what I've been trying to do here from the start, though not with consistent success. And I certainly don't want to limit myself only to that kind of posting, because c'mon, this is me we're talking about. :-P I've gotta include the occasional goofy bits and other things here (and gratuitous The B =^..^= pictures!), but I appreciate the reminder that my overall goal is to use this as a tool to reflect on my Franciscan/Catholic journey.

And if my scribblings spark a little something in others, bonus. If not, no big ... it's the process of organizing and writing out my thoughts that's the point, not page hits. Of course, that requires Structure And Discipline, which -- as evidenced by my small post count over 5 years -- I'm not quite known for. But it's a worthwhile goal, and one I'm trying to attain, continually beginning again. As St. Francis said, "Brothers, let us begin again because until now, we have done nothing."

The B wishes y'all a blessed an' happy 2011!

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Anonymous Marco said...


I've gotta include the occasional goofy bits and other things here

I think you are making my point for me. It is things that "you" find goofy. Not bits that so-and-so might find goofy. My point is simply that there must be an aspect of religious blogging that is not "media" per se. It is, in a sense, a modern version of the religious journal. One that allows others to travel along on a personal journey of faith.

03 January, 2011 16:54  
Blogger Lisa, ofs said...

Yep, in addition to writing reflectively for myself, I also post assorted odd bits 'cause *I* find them interesting/funny/spiffy/etc. If others also like 'em, well, that's a plus!

03 January, 2011 21:18  
Blogger A Secular Franciscan said...

I find that blogging allows me to give focus to what's on my mind - a good thing. I also like to write.

But, admittedly, I also find myself thinking of blogging as a way to convey those thought to others (such as reflections on moral or political issues), as a way to communicate with others, and, sadly, to draw attention to myself or even to vent.

It's like so many things: Capable of good or bad, depending on intention and how they are used.

29 January, 2011 09:20  

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