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27 December 2010

::tap, tap:: Is this thing on? 

So, it's been since March (!) since I last posted here, partly due to laziness (what a shock) and partly because of Blogger discontinuing support for FTP publishing, which is how I had my blog set up. And after reading their instructions (and subsequent reader comments) on how to get things working again, I suffered from a serious case of intimidation. So, laziness + intimidation = Way The Heck Long Delay In Doing Anything With My Blog.

But, I finally forced myself to tackle the technical bits (along with some great help from tech support at my web host), and if this publishes, I'll know it worked. If it does ::fingers crossed:: I hope to be a mite more regular in my postin'. :-D

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to have you back, Lisa! Merry Christmas!

Mike Kuypers

28 December, 2010 00:18  
Blogger Therese said...

Looking forward to reading your blog LIsa. Adding you to my google reader.

28 December, 2010 03:58  
Blogger Scott said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere!

So if Blogger is no longer pushing via FTP, how are you getting the content back on your webhost? Or did you just point the franciscan focus domain name at blogger?

28 December, 2010 06:32  
Blogger Lisa, ofs said...

@Mike & Therese: Thanks! Good to be back! :-)

@Scott: Getting the site to continue publishing sans FTP was the tricky bit. The instructions that Blogger provided (see link in my post) specified that, if you wanted to continue posting at your current URL, you had to create a missing files subdomain, then point your "www" CNAME to Google's server.

However, with my web host, I only had a basic hosting plan that didn't allow for subdomains. Soooo, that meant upping my hosting plan (argh!) to allow for subdomains. Once I got that in place, I was able to bumble along with republishing my blog and getting the other things worked out. Took over a week of back-and-forth help with my web host's tech support! O_o

28 December, 2010 07:16  
Blogger A Secular Franciscan said...

Welcome back. Merry Christmas.

30 December, 2010 06:27  

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