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10 May 2009

Married bliss vignette #4,581 

Me: (walking into room where Husband Mike's on the computer) "OK, my saddlebags an' I are heading out for a run."

Husband Mike: (eyeing said saddlebags) "Hey, are those like camel humps where they retain water for long periods of time?"

No, I didn't hit him.

* * *

Hey, so it's been ages since I last posted, and as you may have picked up in the vignette above, I've finally gotten back into runnin' and working out. (Have lost over 20 lbs. since the end of January, woohoo!) That means the bulk o' my free time has been spent doing aerobics, strength training, and runnin' (hope to do a 5k fun run in July), and less so with writing and fiddlin' around online.

Also, thanks to my pal, Jasmine, when I am on the 'puter, I've kinda' sorta' gotten addicted to playing Bejeweled Blitz. (Curse you, Jasmine! ::shakes fist in air::) :-P Aaaand, quite frankly, I'm lazy. I've got plenty of posting ideas bouncin' around in my noggin, I'm just too lazy to cobble them all together into coherent posts here. Will try to be better about this, but no promises. :-D

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Blogger Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

You're a better woman than I am. There would have been some hitting around here, I can tell you that! LOL!

11 May, 2009 12:51  
Blogger Lisa, ofs said...

LOL! I was mighty tempted, lemme tell ya, Barb! He did get The Withering Glare Of Disdain, tho' he's pretty immune to it after all these years. :-P

11 May, 2009 14:25  
Blogger A Secular Franciscan said...

Let's see, running to lose weight, vs running off at the mouth on a blog.


No wonder I've been avoiding that scale ...

14 May, 2009 04:53  

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