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03 January 2009

Married bliss vignette #3,218 

Me: (entering a room from which Husband Mike had just left) "Ewww! Hey! Why didn't you warn me about the cat puke in here?! I just stepped in it!"

Husband Mike: "What? What cat puke?" (wanders back into room and examines the puke, which is more like spittle) "Oh, that's nothing. It's just a prelude to a hairball." (moves around the room, looking in corners) "Ah! Here's the hairball, over by this cord."

When joyfully making your wedding vows, you never imagine conversations like that in your future.

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Blogger Mike Farley said...

Oh, that could be us, precisely! I find the most effective are the ones just by the bed, waiting for bare, sleepy toes in the middle of the night...

04 January, 2009 01:25  
Blogger Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I highly recommend wearing shoes. Occupational hazards in my house are tiny little Legos, since we have no cats (achoo!)
Ever kneel on a Lego? It's what modern saints do to torture themselves now that hair shirts have gone out of fashion, LOL!

04 January, 2009 07:44  
Blogger Mike Farley said...

Arrgh! - yes, years ago when we had Lego around. And Barbies' hairbrushes. I'd much prefer a hair shirt...

05 January, 2009 01:17  

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