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27 December 2008

What are your core prayer intentions? 

Years ago in a forum, I started a thread asking folks to share their core (things that you always pray for) prayer intentions. 'Twas fun and insightful, so I figured I'd do the same again here. (Hey, recycling's a good thing, right?)

Mine are:
  • Husband Mike, our cats, family, friends, and coworkers.
  • All Franciscans -- First, Second, and Third Order (Secular and Religious).
  • Priests and brothers of Miles Christi and Oblates of St. Joseph.
  • Rosary Confraternity.
  • Pious Union of St. Joseph.
  • Aid to the Church in Need.
  • Our Holy Mother Church.
  • All priests, bishops, and our Holy Father.
  • All seminarians.
  • Two particular priests assigned to us for prayer through a pray-for-priests-type ministry.
  • Victims of abortion, euthanasia, religious persecution, war, oppression, and violence.
  • Animals suffering from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and homelessness.
  • Holy Souls in Purgatory.
  • Increase in vocations for clergy and religious.
  • Peace and justice throughout the world.
  • End to abortion, euthanasia, religious persecution, war, oppression, violence, and the death penalty.
  • End to pet overpopulation, abuse, neglect, exploitation, and homelessness.
  • End to animal testing/experimentation/vivisection.
  • End to declawing and other forms of surgical animal mutilation.
  • Preservation and survival of endangered and threatened species, especially the Siberian tiger.
  • All cats. =^..^=
I have a bitty little notebook (the kind you can fit in the back pocket of your jeans) in which I've got these written. After them, I list particular intentions -- stuff like, "John Doe's job search" and "Jane Doe's nasty pneumonia" and such. I later mark those off when prayers are no longer needed, when the situations pass, or when prayers are answered.

I love hearing what other folks pray for (also good for cribbing ideas :-P ), so what are your core intentions? :-)



Blogger Lavona said...

My list is not as long because it varies a lot ...

a) Thanksgiving for all that I have been given
b) for the soul of my husband
c) for the souls of family, friends, myself and all Franciscans (all living and deceased)
d) for Life issues, unborn babies, moms, and those needing conversion to God's views on Life
e) for health of soul, mind, body, and even finances for "family"
f) for my parish, Bishop, Pope Benedict and the needs/intentions of JPII
--the rest vary including intentions, needs of friends and "family"

28 December, 2008 05:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of my prayers — and my list is pretty long too — fall under the heading of Family, Friends & Relatives. But I start off with a prayer of thanks for all the things I've been blessed with. I also pray for peace ("Most merciful and compassionate God, Father of Peace…") and for people affected by the current economy.

Mike Kuypers

28 December, 2008 08:14  
Blogger Greg said...

That all those searching for Truth will find God's peace in their hearts

28 December, 2008 10:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both thanksgiving and supplication for family, friends, the unborn, and vocations.

28 December, 2008 12:31  

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