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09 November 2009

On getting one's butt outta bed 

Awhile ago, I was thinking about how hard it is for me -- how it's always been hard -- to get out of bed in the morning. No matter what, I Always Hate Getting Up and do everything I can to delay it. I grumble, I gripe, I continually hit the snooze button. I have absolutely no motivation to pry myself from the sheets.

I was feeling frustrated and angry at myself over this perpetual lack of motivation when the thought popped into my head, "Get your butt outta bed and into My arms!" accompanied by the image of Christ standing next to the bed, holding out His arms. Well, who wouldn't be motivated to jump out of bed at that?

It made me realize how, every time I get out of bed, it's a chance for me to throw myself into His arms in everything I do throughout the day. Brushing my teeth, going through my to-do list, chatting with folks, sitting through insanely long meetings at work ... they're all opportunities for me to throw myself into His arms -- if only I remember to perceive them as such.

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Anonymous sr_mary said...

And when you have Jesus (in the Blessed Sacrament) just down the hall... it's even easier! No imagination needed.

12 November, 2009 16:15  
Anonymous Mouse said...

LOL Sister! Lisa, pardon me if this is quite long.

Normally a night owl AND morning person (if it's possible to be both!), I have really struggled with getting out of bed on time in the past few weeks. Once I'm up, there's no getting me back in bed.

I went to a Bible study meeting with a friend of mine the other day (professed SFO member for 22 years, btw, and the one who introduced me to the whole thing). After repeatedly struggling with some problem, our priest advised her to get on her knees every morning for a week and say something like "Lord, into your hands I commend my spirit. And body, mind, heart...EVERYTHING!" As she puts it, being a music director for two of our three local parishes, as well as youth group and classroom teacher doesn't give much time to kneel and truly contemplate His workings in her life. When life got in the way of this little devotion, it made a huge difference and all the worry returned. To shorten this long story, she advised me to try it too. I've had more energy getting outta bed this week than I've had in eons! Trusting in Him when under stress, or "letting go and letting God" as the saying goes, has also become much easier.


12 November, 2009 16:56  
Anonymous Kelley Mata said...

I, too, struggle with this. As husband and a father, really the only times I have of quiet for contemplation and or prayer are either late at night or early in the morning. Before I was married, I used to utilize early mornings for time with the Lord. My commitment this year is to pray more regularly and that will most certainly require mornings. Thanks for the encouragement.

09 January, 2010 12:57  
Anonymous Steve said...

Don't feel bad, I'm exactly the same way! I keep promising myself that I'll wake up at 5:00 or 5:30 so I can do the morning prayers for liturgy of the hours in peace before everyone else(I take my kids to school every morning, so it's usually organized chaos) wakes up, but every morning finds me finally waking up around 6:00 AM.....Maybe we both need to go to bed earlier?

Great blog btw!

01 March, 2010 08:32  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, I am the same way and I get very angry and disgusted with myself. I can get out of bed and do labor, but not for God. I do get out of bed for the Lord's Prayer and then everything else is up for grabs. I am hoping since we are starting with the theme for consecrated life 2015, I find myself and the purpose of God's life for me. However, I love the jumping out of bed into Jesus arms. I will try to focus on that scene. God Bless and Thank you!

30 September, 2014 20:39  

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