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03 November 2009

Place yer bets 

After years of searching, Husband Mike finally found a St. Michael the Archangel statue -- with devil-stompin' action! -- that he likes, which we happily brought home earlier this evening:

Our spiffy new St. Michael the Archangel statue, with devil-stompin' action!

So, how long d'ya think it'll take for somebody ...

wut u lookin at me for?

... to damage it, à la Mary?

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Blogger Lavona said...

so sorry that happens .. never had a problem with cats damaging statues and such at our house ... then again, some cats are more spoiled than others :)

03 November, 2009 22:58  
Blogger Unknown said...

Another reason to get dogs. Anything over 4 ft high is usually safe from Jake. Tail action is usually the culprit.

It really depends on if the cat likes it or not. I'm pretty sure my sister's cats have a refined sense of taste. They always knock my stuff over.

04 November, 2009 00:51  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Maybe St. Michael will put the fear of God into the B? Otherwise, I think I give it... a week?

04 November, 2009 08:57  
Blogger Lisa, ofs said...

"Fear of God" is something The B totally lacks. :-P He knows that God'll just scritch 'im under the chin and coo, "Aren't we a cutie kitty? Yes, we are!" After which God'll give him a treat and cuddles and degenerate into baby-talk. :-P

And so far, the statue's unscathed two days in. So far.

05 November, 2009 14:30  

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