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10 November 2007

Why we can't have anything nice 

Notice anyone missing here?
Notice anyone missing here?

No, it's not The B.
An out-of-place The B.

But, The B is the reason for the notable absence of a key figure in the first photo, and I'm sure you've figgered out by now that it's Mary.

Where's Mary? Well, earlier this evening, thanks to The B jumping on top of the bookshelf to Get Our Attention (which he does 'bout 30 times every day), poor Mary took a tumble and her right hand got busted up. For the third time in the one year we've had 'er.

Husband Mike and I successfully found the broken hand bits (whew!), and Husband Mike promptly did the restorative work. For the third time.
Closeup of Mary's hand on the mend.

She's currently recuperating on the kitchen counter.
Mary recuperating on the counter, with The B overseeing.
Yes, that's The B's tail in the background, as he Always Has To Investigate Everything That's Going On, Including The Taking Of This Picture.


How can you not love this face?
This is the reason why we can't have any sort of a decent home altar, or candles, beaded decorative pillows, a Christmas tree, lacy stuff, or Anything Decorative Or Pretty For Our Home. Because everything belongs to The B, and everything is a toy in his eyes.

Good thing the little goober's family.

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Blogger Unknown said...

No cats but our 3 kids are equal if not up to the challenge form 'B'. The kids have confession though so I suppose that one point in our favor.

Sorry to hear about Mary but she has been through far worse for us sinners.

Take care,


11 November, 2007 00:54  
Blogger Steve said...

Thank goodness you could fix the statue, it looks like a beautiful one!

My two cats are no longer with us, as they both "failed to negotiate"
a very busy nearby street in the past year, but like Bob, I have very inquisitive children (two boys, 6yo and 4yo)that like to play and touch everything, so I feel your pain!

beautiful blog BTW!

11 November, 2007 13:34  
Blogger Melissa said...

The B is obviously a Marist. You shouldn't be mad at him for that. He just wants to be with Mary!


11 November, 2007 22:45  

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