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21 March 2011

Lent Trek 2011: Tuna martinis in the desert! 

In my previous post, I described how I'm trying to observe Lent this year, part of which includes using my imagination to spiritually and mentally act as though I'm on retreat; on a journey with Easter as the destination. I also said that I'd try to post a few updates here on how the journey's going.

So, I was thinking ... imaginary trek through the Lenten desert + occasional updates = Lent Trek 2011: Now With Doodles!! (Stress on the "doodles" part; I'm no artist.) Now, this particular post isn't gonna be a Big Serious Reflective Offering (maybe I'll give one of those a go later), but rather, I'm simply sketching out for ya how I'm imagining the journey. :-)

Which starts with a big ol' desert.
A big ol' desert. (Click for larger image.)

Of course, I have to place myself in it.
Me in the desert. (Click for larger image.)

Hmmm. That's too lonely. Husband Mike's going through Lent, too, so I'll imagine him in here with me.
Husband Mike and me in the desert. (Click for larger image.)

Well, heck, if he's coming along, who'll take care of the kittehs? Can't leave them behind while we go off trekking through the desert!
Me: 'Hey, kittehs! Let's get goin'!' (Click for larger image.)

Husband Mike: 'What a shock, The B's the first in.' (Click for larger image.)

But, they shouldn't be too put out on this journey; after all, they don't need to do penance, just us. They need a nice, comfy space in which they won't be bothered by the heat. ... And they need toys and treats and noms! Also TV, so they can watch Tasty Songbirds of North America as we trudge along.
It's the Cat-avan 2000! (Click for larger image.)
Husband Mike: "Sure, make me pull that thing. Do you have any idea how heavy it'd be?!"
Me: "You're the guy. Besides, can you imagine me pulling something like that? We'd never get anywhere!"

Anyway, now we're ready to roll!

Of course, along the way, we occasionally trip and fall ...
Me tripping and falling. (Click for larger image.)
Husband Mike: "Notice that I'm not falling."
Me: "You've fallen, too, and you know it. I'm just showing me as an example."

... but that doesn't end the journey, it just means we have to pick ourselves up and keep going.
Me getting back up.

It helps that we have bitty periods of rest along the way on Sundays, those wonderful "little Easters".
Thank God it's Sunday! (Click for larger image.)

Husband Mike: 'At least the cats are comfortable.' (Click for larger image.)

Me: 'I can't feel my feet.' (Click for larger image.)

The B: 'Meow, mrow, merp!' ('Hey, I'm making tuna martinis. Anybody want one?') (Click for larger image.)

After refreshing and recharging, off we go again, to continue the journey to Easter!
Continuing the journey to Easter. (Click for larger image.)

How's your Lenten journey going so far?

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Anonymous M said...

Hmmm... is the above a reflection on your Lenten Reading??

21 March, 2011 18:22  
Blogger Lisa, ofs said...

Nope, but it'd sure be easier if B16 had released his book in cartoon form!

21 March, 2011 18:30  
Anonymous M said...

People forget that he is a theologian of note and, hence, writes like a theologian. Maybe his favourite book would help people understand him?!?!

Have you read any other of his books??

21 March, 2011 18:44  
Blogger Lisa, ofs said...

LOL! Figures you'd find a way to work in mention of Augustine's Confessions! :-P

21 March, 2011 18:54  
Blogger Lisa, ofs said...

Oh! Forgot to answer your question: Yep, I've read his first Jesus of Nazareth -- abso-frickin'-lutely splendid! And so is the second one -- I was just joking. He's quite understandable; a magnificent writer!

21 March, 2011 18:56  

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