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03 July 2014

It's Thankful Thursday! 

It's Thankful Thursday! :-D What 3 things (minimum!) are you thankful for today? Feel free to be as yappy or brief as ya like! Mine are:

1) Having disposable income with which I can purchase nail polish. I know, it ain't a necessity, but it sure makes things so much more fun.

2) Folks who take and share cheerful photography.

3) Beautifully mild 68°F/20°C made schlepping into the office this morning especially enjoyable.

4) While driving into the office, saw a large gaggle o' Canada geese ♥ tranquilly noming in a park. love teh geese!

5) The wonders of smartphones. Been just over a year since I got mine (after using a simple flip phone), and I'm continually gobsmacked at all I can do with the sucker. Listen to papal homilies? Check. Take videos of Younger Nephew in his marching band? Check. Pray the Divine Office? Covered. Catch up on the latest Whovian news? Yep. Take pics of dandelions? Done. Blare Motörhead? \m/ Seriously, peoples, these things are freakin' awesome!

6) Husband Mike ♥ packing my lunchbag in the mornings so I don't have to.

7) This splendid post on cultivating happiness and gratitude.
8) Being able to insert heart dingbats (and others) into posts! ♥ ❤ ❥ ♡ Heart all the things!!

9) We don't live in a war zone, or have to deal with militias unexpectedly driving into our town and terrorizing us.

10) Access to clean, safe water. Everywhere we go.

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