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20 May 2014

Water for Life 

Earlier today, when getting coffee in one of the kitchen areas at work, the fancypants coffeemaker stopped and its flashy menu demanded that I fill up the water container before proceeding.

I grumpily sighed at the bother, but as I took out and plunked the container in the sink, I thought of how wonderful it is that all I need to do to get safe, clean water is turn a knob. BAM! Done.

I don't have to take time out of my day to walk miles each way to get only what I can carry on my head.

I don't have to worry about militias blocking access to it.

I don't have to ration it.

I don't have to boil it.

Say what you will, our water system in the States is a masterpiece of engineering and such a blessing. And so many folks around the world -- and even here in the States -- struggle to meet this basic necessity of life.

So, when I get home, Imma chat with Husband Mike about which of these groups we'll be supporting:

What about you?

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