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24 June 2013

Nifty Wonder Woman fan art by Mina Rho 

I really wish Mina Rho hadn't deactivated her deviantART account. :-( Had to scrounge around to find this excellent depiction of the Wonder family that she did:

If you don't know, they are (l-r): Queen Hippolyte (Wondy's mom), Donna Troy*, Wondy, Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl), and Artemis**.

= = = = =
* Formerly Wonder Girl and later Troia, and then ... non-existent as far as the 52 reboot. Yay. :-/

** She briefly "won" the Wonder Woman title away from Diana in a pre-52 story arc ... during Deodato's days of the Wonder Thong.

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