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02 May 2013

New 52 Wondy: Even MORE blugh 

I've mentioned 'afore how I'm supremely unthrilled over DC's 52 reboot of Wondy. Because of said unthrillitude, I stopped at #1 of the new series (Sep. 2011), but continued to follow general plot/character developments as best I could from scraps gleaned online.

While at a con recently, Husband Mike dug through the buck bins to get as many of those issues* that he could find for me. I forgot to tell him about the #0 issue, so he didn't look for that. But, he did pick up nos. 2-17, and I've been reading 'em since then. I just started #16, so I'm almost finished ...

... and it's even WORSE than I could've possibly imagined.

I could rant for quite awhile, but in the interest of pixel conservation, I'll limit myself to the big complaints. Which are:

Horrible, terrible dialogue. So, soooo many bad exchanges. Here's just one:

APOLLO: [Confronting Wondy and telling her to step aside.] "... You've had your fun. It's time for you to step down."

WONDY: "Really? I've never felt more like stepping up."

APOLLO: "Step, then ... into your grave."


NOTE: If that was the only real clinker, I'd have overlooked it -- comics aren't exactly known for their Shakespearean prose. But, this is just one of several cringe-inducing bits of dialogue.

Craptacular art. (Okay, so I've crabbed about this before. I can't help it ... IT'S REALLY AWFUL.) I don't know why folks are falling all over themselves for the way Chiang draws; there's nothing attractive or clever or compelling in his style. I haven't hated a look this much since Byrne's run in the '90s.

Flying. Her ability to fly -- from what I can gather -- was not part of her original skill set in this reboot. Which, okay, since it wasn't when she debuted in the '40s, I can deal with. However, when she did gain that ability, it was done in a completely dorky manner: She was fighting with a few other gods, Hermes (who was on her side) was laid low temporarily and so plucked out one of his feathers, chucked it at Wondy, and it punctured her ... thus granting her the ability to fly. Not kidding!

And we had to wait until issue #11 for that to happen. Almost a year into the reboot before she got that power ... and once she had it, she was supremely nonchalant over gaining said power.

NO reaction to suddenly being able to soar. Nothing. No, "Oh, would ya lookit that. I can fly now." Granted, it happened in the heat of a fight, but you'd think she'd remark about this new-found ability at some later point? Yeah, no.

Where's Wondy? For a title called "Wonder Woman", you'd expect her to get the majority of panel time. HA-HA! YOU FOOL! No, she's regularly eclipsed by the supporting characters doing their godly scheming and plotting and bickering. And then it's like, oh hey, let's see what Wondy's up to for a couple panels ... okay, that's enough! Back to the scheming gods, everyone!

As much as I hate having holes in my collection, this is it. (Save for maybe getting #0.) I will not be buying any more issues of this title until the next reboot comes along, whenever that may be. Which I hope won't be decades away.

UPDATE: I also dislike her post-52 look.

= = = = =
* Because yes, I whined and asked him to. I know, know ...

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