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20 May 2013

Seeing the world with synesthesia 

So -- copying this here from a discussion on the now-defunct Google+ -- I have synesthesia. Actually, I have two forms: Number form synesthesia and spatial sequence synesthesia.

The spatial one for me is primarily with dates (but kicks in with all number forms; for example, "1" is VERYCLOSE, while 1,000 is WAAAAAY ... FAAAR ... AWAAAAAY): I see weekdays as being on a continuum, with the day I'm on in a brighter light, and the previous/next date slightly in shadow, and then days farther out in each direction as darker.

It's harder to describe my image of months and years, but they're similar in nature ... with dark timelines demarking significant life experiences (college, post-college, marriage, etc.).

The numbers one ... much harder to describe. Grids and connections between the grids are as close as I can get to explaining that one.

Hey, I told ya, mah brain is teh weird. :-P

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