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09 May 2014

Can you fix my habit? 

Yesterday, I noticed that the jump ring on my habit* was looking a tiny bit stretched. While I could've attempted to use our needle-nose pliers to squish it more tightly closed, I didn't trust myself to manage it properly -- I had visions of either mashing it into a football shape, or losing control and somehow doinking myself in the face.

So I decided that the safest course of action would be for Husband Mike to do it, and asked him, "Can you fix my habit?"

... In retrospect, it sounds like I've got a problem with crack.

= = = =
* Yes! Secular Franciscans wear habits, and we always have. I explain it here.


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Blogger A Secular Franciscan said...

I'm glad to see you back. I don't use the other service ... yet.

04 July, 2014 14:14  

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