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21 May 2014

Finally, some promising Wonder Woman news 

"[C]oming this August, DC will launch Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman, an all-new anthology series based on the Amazon princess. ... Sensation Comics, which is named for the original forties series which was Wonder Woman’s showcase title, will feature stories set in a variety of eras from the Wonder Woman comics, and won’t be tied into DC’s whole New 52 incarnation.

"Even though the New 52 version of Diana from Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang has received widespread acclaim [from those who don't know any better and are wholly enamored of the "darker, grittier, MOAR REALS" done-to-death schtick], for many longtime Wonder Woman fans, the newest version of the Amazon princess feels very far removed from the emissary of peace created by psychologist William Marston back in 1941. Sensation Comics will give old and cranky [author's strikethrough, not mine :-P ]  devoted and loyal fans like a us a version of the Wonder Woman character we have been missing. Digital chapters of the series will come out once a week, with every three chapters being collected into single print issues." (DC Comics Announces Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman Anthology Title)

Thank you, DC! It's nice to see an instance of good breaking through your standard suck.

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