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31 August 2006

Article: Heretical Hymns 

What a great read! Weigel's right on da money with many of our hymns being at best, totally maudlin; at worst, heretical. Husband Mike and I have frequently rubbed our temples over this very thing after suffering through yet another stupefying-ly banal batch of hymns at Sunday Mass.

Catholic Education Resource Center: Heretical Hymns?
by George Weigel, 2006

"Hymns are distinct forms of confessing the Church's faith. Old school Lutherans take their hymns very seriously. Most Catholics don't. Instead, we settle for hymns musically indistinguishable from 'Les Mis' and hymns of saccharine textual sentimentality. Moreover, some hymn texts in today's Catholic 'worship resources' are, to put it bluntly, heretical." Read the full article.

(Via The Curt Jester.)

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