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15 August 2006

Playing with code; site may look wiggy 

I've long wanted to incorporate a way to tag and categorize my posts, but alas, Blogger doesn't support that feature. Happily, lots of smart folks have come up with work-arounds, and I think I may give FreshTags a spin. (A downside: It uses JavaScript, and not everyone has JavaScript enabled in their browsers.)

So, while I'm flailing around with that, the site and my posts may look wiggy for a bit. Hopefully, I'll understand everything perfectly and nobody'll ever see anything goofy. Realistically, there'll most likely be code goofs popping up everywhere until I figger it all out.

Anyhoo, ye be warned.

Update: Well, what d'ya know? As soon as I posted this, I read Blogger's notice about their new beta features, one of which is the ability to tag and categorize posts. Looks like you have to create a new account in order to play with the beta stuff, though. :::grumble:::



Blogger Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Grumbling right along with you. I just poked around in that beta info this morning, before finding out I can't have it.

15 August, 2006 14:31  

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