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09 August 2006

CFotD: Two nifty Joseph-related groups 

Cool Find of the Day #1:

Pious Union of St. Joseph
"All members ardently honor St. Joseph on March 19th and every Wednesday. Daily, we pray our prayer, suffering, sacrifice and good deeds for suffering and dying people."

Membership is free, and they publish a bimonthly pastoral magazine, Now and at the Hour, which fosters devotion to St. Joseph. My only complaint about their site (not the group itself) is that on most every page is an "under construction" message.

Cool Find of the Day #2:

St. Joseph's Workers for Life and Family
"Promotes and defends the sanctity of life and family in accordance with the Faith and teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church through prayer and education."

Wowzers! Ooodles and oodles of pro-life resources everywhere you look! This Canadian-based organization also has a lot of great stuff on the theology of the body. Most impressive.

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