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04 August 2006

Booklet: 'Praying the Rosary Without Distractions' 

Like many others, I've often had difficulty in keeping my mind focused while praying the Rosary. However, using the booklet, Praying the Rosary Without Distractions, completely eliminated that problem. Priced at just US$1.50, it's also quite a bargain!

While my copy came with an insert of the Luminous Mysteries, the booklet's recently been updated to include them. (Hmm ... I just may have to order another one.) So, my description below could vary a bit from the new version.

Section 1: Our Lady's Favorite Prayer
Basic description of the Rosary and its purpose.

Section 2: Difficulties That Some Experience
Discusses the two most common problems folks have when praying the Rosary and ways to counter them.

First difficulty:

"Some persons find praying the Rosary difficult, because they do not understand the manner in which the vocal and mental prayer of the Rosary are to be combined. ... We are not meant to focus our attention on the Hail Marys. The ten Hail Marys are only a measuring device to determine the length of time to reflect on [a particular incident] in the [life] of Jesus."

Second difficulty:

"Other people have difficulty in keeping their mind on the mystery of the Rosary they are praying. The mind tends to wander, and distracting thoughts enter in. To help solve that problem is the precise purpose of this booklet."

Section 3: Why These Particular Mysteries?
Explains why, out of all the events in the Lord's life, we focus on the particular 20 mysteries.

Section 4: How to Pray the Rosary
Nice illustration of the Rosary, with all the prayers -- except the optional Fatima prayer -- included.

Main Body: The 20 Mysteries & Reflections
Includes color art for each of the 20 mysteries; for each mystery, there are 10 brief points of reflection to go with each Hail Mary.

Ending Section 1: The Rosary Confraternity
Description of the Confraternity and its obligations, benefits, and how to join.

Ending Section 2: Fifteen Promises of the Blessed Virgin to Christians Who Faithfully Pray the Rosary

Ending Sections 3 & 4: Rosary Leaflets & Labels
Descriptions and how to buy them.

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