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05 July 2006

A bit o' aunterly bragging 

Jes' put up with me for a bit, 'cause I gotta brag about how smart my Oldest Nephew is. :-)

As it was Independence Day (4 July) here in the States yesterday, the family got together for the usual Celebratory Dinner And Socializing. Since Oldest Nephew was gonna be there, I figured I'd ask him for strategy suggestions on a Sudoku puzzle (rated "Hard") that had me stumped. Oldest Nephew -- who's 10 years old -- is a Kick-Butt Puzzle Whiz, and he's really good at solving Sudoku puzzles.

Lemme tell ya, Oldest Nephew took one look at the problematic puzzle and immediately found something I hadn't even noticed. (Did I mention he's 10?) So, we spent the next few minutes working together on the thing, with him helpfully speaking out loud his strategy/thought process as we went. I hadn't even asked him to think out loud, he just did so on his own, which was helpful and thoughtful.

And that's not the only impressive thing about Oldest Nephew. The kid is amazingly knowledgeable about all kinds of insects, reptiles, sharks, dinosaurs, and other Big Chompy Creatures. For example, he can look at most any dinosaur picture and tell you its scientific name, what it ate, where it lived, how it acted ... you name it. He's like a walking encyclopedia and is always happy and eager to share what he knows.

So, there ya go. Aunterly bragging done. :-)



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