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29 June 2006

CFotD: Comment tracking; blogging agoraphobia 

One thing I absolutely love about this ginourmous tool called The Internet is the way it leads me into nifty things -- be they widgets or thoughts -- from folks I'd never have discovered otherwise. The latest instance happened just a few minutes ago when reading this RealTechNews post.

I hadn't paid much attention 'afore to all the chiclets that display at the bottom of every post there, but for whatever reason, I did today. So much color! So many icons among 'em that were new to me. Must ... click ... pretty ... squares ...

Clicking the co.mments one led me to Cool Find of the Day #1: "Use co.mments to bookmark posts you want to follow. It tracks new comments for you, so you don't miss out. You can see all the new comments from your tracking page, or subscribe to the feed." Well, ain't that a dandy-fine idea! Gotta poke 'round there some more, and also see if there are other comment-trackin' doodads out there to compare it to.

Reading through the site's blog lead to CFotD #2: This great article on the walls comin' down in the blogosphere, and how some established bloggers get antsy over what they see as new voices "encroaching on their land and their fortunes", and their resultant attempts to "circle the wagons against the newcomers". A most fascinating read that I never would've encountered otherwise.

Anyhoo, that be it for now. 'Scuse me while I click more purty chiclets ...

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