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01 August 2006

Spiffy: Gospel Champions game 

Just heard about a spiffy-sounding children's PC game, Gospel Champions, which "reinforces Gospel and Catholic learning by recreating the same Gospel stories that children hear in Mass into fun action/adventure video games."

Of course, I had to look at the screen snaps t'see how they portrayed Joseph, Holy Husband of Our Lady and Virginal Father of Jesus ;-) , but alas, nothing's loaded up yet for the two Christmastime ones. Overall, the artwork's done in a cartoony style, which I guess will appeal to the kiddies, but I found it a mite too cutesy.

Still, the premise of the game is excellent, and gosh knows we need all the help we can get to form properly-catechized children nowadays!

(Via Sheila Liaugminas' 31-Jul-06 show on Relevant Radio.)

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