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30 October 2014

It's Thankful Thursday! 

It's Thankful Thursday! :-D What 3 things (minimum!) are you thankful for today? Feel free to be as yappy or brief as ya like! Mine are:

1) Just got a ping from my mom-in-law ♥ that the heart-shaped cookie cutter she's sending me should arrive today or tomorrow. And she's also sharing not one but THREE recipes!

2) Good fractal art, like this. Be sure to view it full-sized, because ya can't truly appreciate it at this smaller view.

3) This in my headphones.

4) Thoughtful folks who kindly send out pings when coming across stuff they think I'll be interested in. Totally MAKES MY DAY when that happens!.

5) The "decline call" feature on my phone. Damn political/voting-related phone calls have been flippin' annoying.

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