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08 October 2014

Today's Lesson: How to Drive a Stake through Your Spouse's Metal-Loving Heart 

Me: ::editing while listening to Sabbath's "N.I.B." on repeat::

Husband Mike: ::walks into room to grab his shoes:: "What's the name of this track?"

Me: ::excitedly:: "It's called 'N.I.B.', and it's named for --"

HM: "Got it. I just wanted to know so that I can avoid it in the future."

Me: ::gasping:: "... What? But, but ... this is THE Sabbath song! It's the song that got me into metal as a girl!* "

HM: "So I have to like it because of that?"

Me: ::clutching phone to my chest, which is belting out Sabbath:: "Yes! It's Sabbath!"

HM: "Nope." ::walks out of room::

He also thinks Ozzy is a terrible singer.

... See this hole? Where my heart was.


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