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23 September 2014

In comics, chicks AND dudes are idealized. This is not news. 

Oh, look, another arrogant tirade claiming that women don't care about the way dudes are drawn in comics, and that well-drawn dudes are just about "male power fantasy"! Yawn.

Men and women read comics for the storytelling and art. Both must be good -- it's primarily a visual medium, after all -- in order for a comic to work. All the excellent character development and witty dialogue in the world will not save a crappily-drawn comic. And likewise, superb art in every panel won't redeem a comic with hideously horrible dialogue and underdeveloped characters.

Just as there's a reason why ideal-looking women and men are models and actors, so too are women and men drawn in idealized form in comics.

And I -- being of the chickular persuasion -- do appreciate a well-drawn dude; the second panel is especially full of crap. I will say that it's probably* not as important to chick readers as it is to dude readers, but it is a factor in the overall appeal. Nobody wants to read a comic (or watch a movie) with a hero sporting a potbelly or heroine saddlebags, m'kay?

... Also, that Batman sketch makes me uncomfortable.


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* Unlike the artist of that strip, I'd never presume to speak for all other women or men. :-) Hence, "probably".

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