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01 September 2014

Still like the Twelfth Doctor, but ... 

Watched the second Who episode with Capaldi as Twelve earlier tonight. I definitely like his take, but Husband Mike finds him boring. :-(

Gotta say, we were both underwhelmed by this and the previous episodes' overall plots. Neither really brought anything new to the franchise, especially not "Into the Dalek". (Pretty much a retread of Nine's "Dalek". Yawn.)

I'm still hopeful that they'll manage to start cranking out some good scripts, but ... well, they honestly haven't in years, so I don't see why we'd suddenly start seeing good stuff. No, having some funny zingers and EMOTIONALISM!™ do not make good plots or a series.

Ever since Ten's run began -- Nine's was overall a good one -- they've been coasting on decades of fandom for continued viewership, instead of working on good, solid scripts.

Fat, lazy writing abounds and has for far too long.

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