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12 August 2014

Purple polished biography 

Check it out, you guys -- my nail polish (China Glaze "Spontaneous") matches the purple on Tony's cover, LOL!

I've been trying to read this for weeks, and have renewed it twice. Alas, it was due y'day, and I still haven't finished! (I'm close; just got about 50 pages or so to go.) So, earlier tonight, Husband Mike demanded I hand it over so he could drop it off at the library when he went out to run errands, and as I reached for it (to get in some hurried reading before he left), that's when I noticed the color match!

Side note: The book itself is quite charming. Tony writes in a conversational, casual style, and the chapters are all short, so it lends itself to quick bursts of reading (which, as it turns out, was all I've been able to manage with anything lately). It's as though you're sitting with him in a pub, chatting away and listening to him relate (often hysterical) episodes from his life. Nothing spectacular or deep, but entertaining nonetheless.

He's also amazingly gentlemanlike in the way he describes others -- he never takes any opportunity to say something mean or unflattering about others, even when you know he could, and would be justified in doing so. No dirty laundry flapping in the breeze here, and I very, very much admire him for that. Hope to be able to pick this up soon again from the library so I can finish it properly.

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