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27 July 2014

My thoughts on Gadot in her Wondy duds 

So, we finally get to see what Gal Gadot's Wondy duds look like for the upcoming Batman v Superman flick. My thoughts:

1) I like the outfit. She's been depicted similarly in the comics for quite some time, so this is not anything out of place or new. I could do without the heels, but as those are impractical, naturally, they have her in 'em. Which is also not new -- she is usually depicted wearing heeled boots, so ::shrug::. (Don't get me started on the ballerina shoes from the Golden Age.)

2) I had a slim bit of hope that Gadot would manage to put on more musculature for the role. Alas, she did not. However, I can more easily overlook that bit because -- like Supes -- she could have zero muscles and still flatten a city block. Her strength in pre-52 continuity is a direct gift from the gods, and in post-52 continuity the result of Zeus being her daddy. So, ultimately, whatevs.

3) If you yap about how she "looks like Xena", I will kick your arse into a different hemisphere. Xena is the blatant ripoff of Wondy, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Wondy's been around since 1941. Also, you may be surprised to know this, but I have always hated the character of Xena. (Lawless, however, I like. She rocks as an actress.) Don't assume that because I love Wondy, I also love Xena. :-)

4) I am still not holding my breath that the flick will be any good. Because this is DC, people. When they manage to eke out a good movie, it's in spite of themselves.

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