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24 August 2014

Thumbs-up for the Twelfth Doctor's debut 

Thanks to a pal's reminder about using TunnelBear with which to watch the new Doctor Who episodes online, I was happily able to watch Twelve's debut episode today.

... As you can see, I had some company, since K-9 wanted to introduce Mushie* to The Wonderful World Of Who. :-D

My non-spoilery thoughts:

1) THANK. GOD. the whole pretty boy/boyfriend era has been put to rest, for -- I hope -- a long, looooong time. Ten and Eleven were okay, but I was seriously getting nauseated from the continual fawning and swooning from newcomer fans because of their youth and looks.

2) Capaldi is off to a great start with his interpretation. My fave lineup is still Four, Nine, Three, but he could very well follow right after Three if this keeps up.

3) Finally, we get a regeneration that's back to being more in continuity with the pre-2005 episodes. And speaking of ...

4) Loved the pre-2005 nods sprinkled in the episode. LOL'd at the scarf mention and the throwaway line about there "being more round things on the walls" of the TARDIS at the end.

5) The annoying inclusion of Vastra and Jenny -- no, I do not like those characters and I never have -- was the only downside to things. At least their crapulence was mitigated somewhat by the hilarity that is Strax.

= = = = =
* My lil' teeny husky dog toy. Younger Nephew gave him to me years ago, and since then, Mushie has served as our unofficial vacation/trip/out-and-about guide.

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