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25 October 2014

Doctor Who: Can't see the plot for all the trees 

We just finished watching the latest Who episode.

. What an utter mess of a "plot"! Nothing was coherent. NOTHING!

We saw how difficult it was for them all to get out of the museum, so how did Maebh get out? And why didn't any of them notice that she was missing? Especially after the point was made, repeatedly, about how Danny is super-concerned for and focused on the kids?

And okay, so the glowy bits weren't responsible for telling Maebh to see the Doctor. What was then?

Wolves do not chase down people. Nor do they do so while growling ominously. Wild wolves run away from people, and captive ones used to people -- like these were -- would at most, hesitatingly come towards people in the hopes of being given food. Can we please stop with the frickin' stupid and harmful misrepresentations of wolves in media already?

"I've just scared away a tiger with a flashlight! And he's only had time to walk a few feet away, but let's all stand around and talk really loudly like he's completely vanished!"

Everyone will "just forget" the global forest? Really? Even with all the news media reports and video footage that have been recorded from around the world? Really?

Okay, so the trees popped up out of nowhere to save the planet. How do you explain the ferns and flowers and all the other plants, then?

What the heck was up with Maebh's sister magically re-appearing at the end? You don't just drop that in at the last minute with no explanation. And in that scene, it looked like a palm tree behind her. (This was after the forest went bye-bye.) Do they even have those in London?

The relationship between Clara and Danny: We just don't feel that there's really much of a relationship there, as depicted. No real chemistry. And we also don't like how their relationship and character development is taking away from the Doctor.

With the other more recent companions, this wasn't the case -- the companions and their lives were developed with the Doctor as a real presence. Here, it's Clara, Clara, Clara, Clara and Danny, oh, hey, the Doctor, more Clara, and some Clara and the Doctor.

Building to the finale: They aren't. Sure, they're dropping Missy in at the end of most every episode, but she's not impacting them in any way. Unless they tie things together in the Super Big Ending that they're hinting at, this is more annoying than anything. And it's not even an interesting dropping-in, because the Doctor doesn't even know of her. (That we've been shown.)

It'd also be more interesting if they at least had Missy turn out to be the Rani. I'd love for them to bring back the Rani -- and you'd think given her history in the Whoverse and her fan base, they'd have figured out a way to do so by now. But I can't really imagine them giving her the name "Missy" only to later have her turn out to be the Rani.

The one redeeming thing about this episode was Capaldi's performance. It would be nice if they actually gave him scripts worthy of his abilities.

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