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20 October 2014

MemeTime: 5 Random Things (About Me) 

'k fine, I'll play along after a pal pinged me for ...

5 Random Things (About Me)

The deal: Share 5 random things about yourself. Then tag 5 other folks in which to play along. I'm not gonna tag anyone, tho' -- if you're reading this and wanna join in, consider yourself tagged. :-P

1) I once tried to order the Tooth Fairy to not give me money, but instead a toy. Didn't work.

2) I've seen Victor Borge in concert. He was hilariously excellent, of course.

3) Thanks to a music prof. in college who pointed out that you can sing "Old MacDonald" to Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 ("Ode to Joy"), I have ever since been unable to divorce the two. Thanks, dude.

4) I loved reading so much as a wee girl (still do) that I would regularly sneak out of my bedroom late at night and crawl behind the couch with a book and flashlight ... after making up a dummy in my bed to make it appear that I was still there.

5) The only videogame I ever won as a kid was Activison's Pitfall.

... There, was that random enough?

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