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25 November 2007

Dear Tooth Fairy: Gimmie, gimmie, gimme! 

As kids, most of us wrote letters to Santa, nothing unusual about that. But, did anyone ever write to the Tooth Fairy?

I did, though I'd forgotten all about it until a few years ago, when Husband Mike found the letter while we were cleaning out my mom's house. And ... it's Mighty Embarrassing how demanding I was. Though, in my defense (such as it is), I was 10 years old when I wrote it, and I think that by then, I strongly suspected that Mom/Dad were actually the Tooth Fairy.

So, for your reading entertainment, I present to you ...

My Letter To The Tooth Fairy
by Lisa, age 10

(Click for larger image)
Handmade envelope; staples aplenty! Guess I didn't think tape was secure enough.
Handmade envelope; staples aplenty! Guess I didn't think tape was secure enough. Nice, flourishy touch with the "Y", eh?

(Click for larger image)
Text of letter reads: 'Dear Tooth Fairy, I wish you would give me a present other than money. I'm tired of pennies, dimes, nickles, quarters & dollar bills. I want a more exciting present. Iff [sic] this is too much just give me a glamour gal. Love, Lisa P.S.: I'm starting to take better care of my teeth.'
The incriminating letter itself. I do remember that when I wrote it, I purposely listed Every Type Of Coinage -- with a dollar bill thrown in for good measure -- so as to not give the Tooth Fairy any sort of loopholes. ("Well, dear, you said you didn't want dimes, but -- ha, ha! -- you made no mention of quarters!")

In case you're wondering what in heck a "Glamour Gal" is, the Glamour Gals were small-sized fashion dolls that I was totally gonzo over as kid.

And no, I don't think my letter worked.

Ah, the things ya wind up postin' when playin' along with NaBloPoMo ... :-P

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, little Lisa, who needs all that boring money? Especially now that you're taking better care of your teeth? You can win people over with your smile!

All kidding aside, that letter was very sweet. And I liked the artwork, with you in bed and the Z's over your head. (Thanks to Breathe Right Strips, few ten year olds snore nowadays. True fact.)

Mike Kuypers

25 November, 2007 23:25  
Blogger Bego said...

omg, my morning just got bearable~

26 November, 2007 06:57  

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