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14 November 2007

Josephology: On Joseph's Pre-Eminence, Part II 

"The other Saints supplicate Jesus and Mary, St. Joseph commands them; this bold idea of Origen has been adopted by several Doctors. St. Joseph speaks as a father; but a father does not petition his son, he commands him. The other Saints throw down their crowns at the feet of the Lamb, and pray as supplicants; St. Joseph supplicates as one commanding, or rather, the humility of this holy man is too great to permit him to command the Lord Jesus; but the goodness of Our Lord is so condescending, that He accepts the prayers of Joseph as paternal commands, and grants all he requests. Happy Patriarch! who alone of all men has relations so special, union so intimate with the Saviour of the world, and His most holy Mother! The Son of Mary owes obedience to you; your spouse owes you honour, you have the right to command them both; can you then fear to pray to them for your clients?

"When two just men consent upon earth concerning anything whatever that they demand in the name of Jesus Christ, it shall be granted to them by His Father in heaven. (Mt 18:19) Here, indeed, is this promise of the Savior verified. When Mary and Joseph plead together before the throne of their Divine Son, in favour of one of their servants, is there any grace which they cannot obtain? Great God! give to me those two all-powerful advocates; grant that they may always plead my cause before Thine adorable Majesty, and that I may ever render to them acceptable service. Where is there to be found an object more beloved by thee and more worthy of our love than those two noble hearts?"
~ Père Binet, The Divine Favors Granted to St. Joseph

* * *

"In heaven the throne of the Virgin Mary is placed above those of the apostles and of the Seraphim, and no other creature deserves to be seated upon it. In heaven, being great is being humble, and on earth, being humble is being great; greatness is not diminished by humility. What saint lodged Mary and Jesus in his home and served as a throne for God, and, not only that, but Mary and Jesus served and respected him? When in heaven Mary passes by the seats of the Seraphim, patriarchs, prophets, apostles, or the most glorious saints, they rise from their seats, reverence, and prostrate themselves at Mary's feet, calling her their lady, queen, and empress. And when she arrives at the seat and throne where St. Joseph is, being as humble in heaven as she was on earth, she does not fail to give signs of her humility, acknowledging that she had served and obeyed him while she was in the world. She whom all others call queen and empress, Joseph can call spouse and wife. And when the whole heavenly court sees that its Queen pays special honor to St. Joseph, they do not hesitate to pay him him reverence."
~ from Just Man, Husband of Mary, Guardian of Christ: An Anthology of Readings from Jerónimo Gracián's Summary of the Excellencies of St. Joseph (1597), translated and edited by Joseph F. Chorpenning, OSFS

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