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20 November 2007


Holy crap! I was perusing various performances of Stravinsky's Firebird Suite on YouTube when I came across one of Stravinsky Hisself conducting "Lullaby and Final Hymn" (1945 version*)!

Awesometasticalrific! I'm Seriously Sniffly over this.

And hmmm, interesting that Stravinsky conducts sans baton. I asked Husband Mike what he made o' that, and he said it's not a big deal; were he conducting with a more open hand, it wouldn't look as odd. Whilst I've never seen anyone conduct without a baton, Husband Mike has and says the open-hand way is usually how they do it.

Anyhoo, share and enjoy! :-)

Stravinsky Conducts Firebird

* There are actually a few different versions o' the Firebird Suite; I'm kinda' partial to the 1919 one.

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