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19 November 2007

Spiffy: "Star Trek: Eras" 

If you're looking for an entertaining bit of Star Trek fan fiction, check out this spiffy "radio" drama, Star Trek: Eras, that some pals of ours put together. :-) The series as a whole has good scripts and music, resulting in a solid overall production, and the current episode, "Yours, Mines and Ours", isn't ruined too badly (I hope) by my Lame-Arse voicing of Dr. Navid Daystrom.

Yeah, Husband Mike and I are both in this episode, and frankly, my performance is Sucktacular. (Which is a bummer, 'cause I didn't think I did that horribly during the recording session, just Moderately Lousy.) Oh, in case you're confused when looking at the performer credits, Husband Mike and I are going by the stage names of "Anne and Johnathen Michaels". (Which reminds me; I really should get off my butt and write up a blurb for my bio.)

They're loading up the episode in chunks, so only Act 1 of YMO is currently available, and I think Husband Mike's character, Lt. Commander Serat (a Vulcan), won't show up until Act 3 (memory is foggy). Another fun bit: Our characters are married, too, so that made acting together even more enjoyable.

Anyhoo, iffin' you'd like some Trekish goodness, take a listen.

BTW: I noticed in the "Special Features" section, they listed "Outtakes" as coming soon. That should be interesting; we're wrackin' our noggins trying to figure out just what sorts of incriminating and/or embarrassing stuff we said that they could use against us. Oh, the humanity! :-P

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