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21 November 2007

What does a Secular Franciscan carry in her purse? 

Not like anyone's ever asked, I just got the idea from my earlier post about the time I left for work an' forgot my Blindingly Tacky Purse at home. (Hey, when you're scrambling for something to post for NaBloPoMo, you take what you can get.)

So, I pulled out All The Stuff In My Purse, arranged it in artful :-P little groupings, and took some pictures. And no, I won't inflict a picture of The Purse Itself on the world at large.

Here's what this particular Secular Franciscan carries in her purse:

The essentials, wallet and change purse. Yawn.
The essentials: Wallet and change purse. Yawn.

Rosaries at the ready; my sacrifice beads
Some Rosaries I've knotted up, ready to be given away. I always try to keep at least one on hand for that. Also, my pal Jennifer made and gave those sacrifice beads to me a few days ago. (Those I'm not givin' away.) Whatta sweetie! :-)

Prayer books aplenty
My favorite prayer booklets (stuffed full of various holy cards) and an extremely handy examination of conscience for Confession: Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph, Secular Franciscan Companion, An Examination of Conscience, and the Pieta Prayerbook.

Notepad, pen, pencil
A notecard I scribbled up with various amounts for tip-giving (I'm terrible at math on the spot) peeking out behind a small notepad, pen, and pencil. Yes, there's a Winne the Pooh theme going on here.

Makeup bag, handkerchief, tissues, sewing kit
Small makeup bag (not a whole lot o' stuff in thar), a handkerchief, tissues, and a bitty emergency sewing kit that I've never had to use, but ya never know.

Fetal models and their accompanying fact cards
Two teeny fetal models -- one of an 11-12 week old unborn baby (left) and the other of a 12 week old unborn baby (right) -- and the small bag in which I keep 'em, along with their accompanying fact cards. Very handy to have on hand!

And, finally, a stack o' store, library, etc., cards (in front); Husband Mike's and my personal calling/business cards (left); membership cards for the SFO and the Pious Union of St. Joseph (middle); and a credit card-sized Rosary behind some info. cards (right).

There you have it. The Oh-So-(Not)-Exciting Contents Of My Purse. If anyone else wants to play along, Secular Franciscan or otherwise, feel free to join in! :-)

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Blogger Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Sounds fun! I'll dump my purse tomorrow and play.
Happy Thanksgiving!

22 November, 2007 06:19  
Blogger Lisa, ofs said...

Cool, Barb! Lookin' forward to seein' what all's in your purse! :-)

22 November, 2007 21:44  
Blogger Bego said...

You are weird.



22 November, 2007 22:53  
Blogger Melissa said...

Love the well-worn prayer books! I'm nosy, I love posts like these. :-D

I also have the Pieta Prayer Book in mine.

23 November, 2007 22:27  

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