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04 May 2007

Hilarious: Beware of cat! 

Ah, poor, poor postal folks. First they've gotta deal with dogs, now this ...

Winnipeg Free Press: Rain, sleet... but house cat? Forget it
by Gabrielle Giroday, 04 May 2007

"Through rain, sleet or snow, sure.

"But the mail doesn't get through when Shadow the house cat is around.

"Unfortunately for Shadow's owner, John Samborski, the animal's the reason a postal carrier refuses to deliver mail directly to a Winterton Avenue bungalow. ... 'The letter carrier who delivers mail there, you know, she was brought up on a farm, she is very comfortable with animals. Apparently this is a very threatening cat.' said [Canada Post] spokeswoman Kathi Neal." Read the full article.

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