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17 April 2007

Like I really needed this 

I haven't had the urge to do any fiction writing since 1994, and that's been Just Fine With Me. Oh, sure, every so often the thought'd cross my mind that perhaps I should maybe get in some creative writing, but without any actual plots or characters, it was easy to dismiss. And much more relaxing -- nonfiction is challenging enough, but fiction-writing (for me) is a long, painful, all-consuming effort, and when I get afflicted with a story idea, life is heck until I write out the dang thing. And edit it. And edit it some more. And then do some tweaking. ... And then finally, it's done and I have peace.

So, I've been enjoying that peace, thankyouverymuch, for 13 years ... until a couple weeks ago, when, blam! A main character and story idea barge on in without so much as a knock. And now they won't leave me alone until I Do Something About It, and I Don't Wanna. It'll be damned hard enough to write this story in such a way that it makes sense (Husband Mike concurred), plus I don't see anyone else having much interest in reading it (Husband Mike demurred).

But, no. The pestering goes on, and the only way I'll regain my peace is to suck it up and make time to write the *$%&#(@! thing.

Whoever thinks creative writing is glamorous deserves a fierce butt-kickin'.



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