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09 April 2007

Bonum sui diffusivum est 

Usually, I don't remember my dreams, and when I do, the details are pretty sketchy. The ones I do remember are just your typical goofy, nonsensical stuff -- which is why the one I had a few days ago stands out. At least, I think it was a dream; perhaps it was something I experienced in the twilight of waking and sleeping.

Regardless, it started out with me contemplating Christ being truly and really Present -- Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity -- in all the tabernacles in all the world. Then I wondered if Mass has ever been celebrated on the continent of Antarctica (hey, dream, remember?) ... then tried to imagine what it'd look like, and how much it'd all weigh, if on a given day you could gather up all of Christ's Body from all the tabernacles and daily Masses.

While pondering that, I was suddenly struck with an overwhelming sense of being held smack in the midst of Christ's universal Eucharistic Presence. The feeling of love and mercy was so incredibly intense ... it blasted at me, like music barreling out from mega-towered amps at rock concerts ... I remember thinking my tiny human self, in its current state, couldn't possibly handle it, couldn't endure it without exploding ... knowing this was just a fraction of a sliver of what it means to be forever in His Presence, which was flowing and rushing and radiating without end ... that from the nucleus of the Trinity, this Love had an unyielding, relentless, generative urge which expressed itself in our creation ...

A second? minute? hour? later, I drifted off to a gentle, repetitive lullaby of "good overflows itself".

Is it possible to laugh while sleeping?

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