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06 February 2007

Compassion and Justice are NEVER wasted 

Ever have one of those moments where you wish you could erase something forever from your mind? I have those frequently when I read the various anti-cruelty email alerts I subscribe to. A steady diet of those can cause nausea, despair, and plenty o' rage, which is why I take frequent breaks from them. (I've found that praying the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary is a big help.)

So, after one such break, I decided risk a peek at some of the latest newsletters, starting with the 31-Jan-07 issue of the Kinship Circle Animal Disaster Relief List. And almost immediately vomited.

Since Kinship Circle gives explicit permission in each issue for cross-posting, I'm sharing the two sections that made me ill in the hopes that anyone who stumbles 'pon my blog and sees 'em is moved to action -- compassion, kindess, and justice are NEVER wasted. Never.

And as our Holy Mother Church stresses:

"Animals are God's creatures. He surrounds them with his providential care. By their mere existence they bless him and give him glory. Thus men owe them kindness. We should recall the gentleness with which saints like St. Francis of Assisi or St. Philip Neri treated animals.

"... It is contrary to human dignity to cause animals to suffer or die needlessly." (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2416 and 2418)

Date: Jan 31, 2007 9:07 AM
Subject: [GULF COAST] Born Into Katrina’s Ruins


4. Radar, The Wonder Horse, Struggles To Survive
SOURCE: Jeff Dorson, stopcruelty11 [at]
(See also The Daily Advertiser: Around Acadiana, published 19-Jan-07)

CONTACT PERSONS: Janet Lyons 337-654-4392, Jeff Dorson 901-268-4432

1/18/07, from the Humane Society of Louisiana, StopCruelty [at]
"Radar the Wonder Horse" Makes Slow but Steady Recovery Thanks to Humane Society of Louisiana Volunteers.

The Acadia Chapter of the Humane Society of Louisiana has been busy trying to save the life of a malnourished horse. On December 12, Janet Lyons, the president of the Acadia chapter and a veteran animal cruelty investigator, responded to a complaint in Scott, Louisiana, involving the suspected neglect of 3 horses. Ms. Lyons traveled to the town of Scott and was met by a sheriff's deputy. They both visited the property and discovered that a pregnant mare had died on the scene, and they observed 2 other horses who were severely malnourished. As Ms. Lyons and the deputy began investigating the complaint, the custodian of the horses arrived on the scene and immediately offered to surrender the surviving horses to the Humane Society of Louisiana, which then took possession of the horses.

The custodian, who has not been charged with a crime at this time, surrendered an 18 mo. old filly and a 7 yr. old thoroughbred, who was about 400 lbs underweight. As the thoroughbred was loaded into a horse trailer, he collapsed to the ground. A crew of volunteers spent the next several hours attempting to lift the horse to his feet with ropes and harnesses. Finally, using the last bit of strength left in his depleted body, the horse managed to stand and walk into the trailer. The horse, now named Radar, was transferred to Ms. Lyon's residence in Church Point, which functions as a recovery center for a menagerie of abused and neglected animals.

Once at Church Point, Radar was examined by a veterinarian and was given intravenous fluids and placed on a special diet of premium hay and feed. Radar's fight for survival, however, would continue for the next several weeks. Even with around the clock care and additional feed, Radar went down 5 more times during the next 2 weeks. Each fall was traumatic for Radar and Janet, who had to call her volunteers to help Radar stand up. Even after one month of treatment, Radar's hip bones and ribs are still noticeable.

"I have been around horses all of my life," says Ms. Lyons, who has devoted many of her waking hours for the past month, tending to Radar, "and this is an extremely special horse. Medically speaking, he was on death's door when we got to him and most people that saw him did not give him much of a chance to survive. What gave him the strength to survive, I think, was his own will and his sense that someone was trying to help him; he knew instinctively that people cared about him and that spurred him on to continue to live. He had been neglected for so long, I am sure that he was about to give up. That is what makes this volunteer job so rewarding. While it is difficult at times and often very painful and costly, I really want to help these animals who have suffered so much at the hands of neglectful owners," adds Janet, who has paid over $600 for the care of this one horse.

To recover the costs of treating "Radar, the Wonder Horse," The Humane Society of Louisiana is launching a Radar, the Wonder Horse Fund Drive throughout the tri-parish area. The Humane Society of Louisiana, based out of New Orleans with satellite chapters throughout the state, will help collect monetary donations on behalf of "Radar, the Wonder Horse" and donations of fresh hay and cat and dog food, which will be shared with Ms. Lyon's collection of abused animals presently under her care.

Tax-deductible MONETARY DONATIONS may be sent to: Acadia Chapter of the Humane Society of Louisiana / P.O. Box 697 / Church Point, La 70525

To donate CANNED/DRY PET FOOD or other pet supplies: Call Ms. Lyons at 337-654-4392.

To find out more about the Humane Society of Louisiana, please visit


6. Mississippi: Pass Buddy's Law For Pup Fatally Tortured

This past July, a 16 week old black lab puppy was tortured and left for dead in a diaper box at a gas station. A man stopped to put air in his tire and saw the box and heard a whimper. He opened the box and to his horror found the puppy with PVC glue in his eyes, nose, ears and throat. His back legs had multiple fractures. The man took the puppy to the vet were he had to be euthanized due to his injuries.

I can't fathom how someone could do this to a sweet, loving and innocent puppy. I cry when I think of what this puppy went through. He was probably wondering what he did wrong and why wont this evil person stop. Animals only want to be loved and they give so much love in return. The puppy in this story is named Buddy and in Mississippi we are trying to get a law passed to make it a felony for animal cruelty... Buddy will always be in my heart and I will continue to help support my cause forever.

Bring Buddy's Tormenter to Justice
Help pass Buddy's law in Mississippi
KINSHIP CIRCLE is a nonprofit organization. Donations help us meet expenses for the literature, website, research and campaigns -- that let YOU take action for animals. Please keep Kinship Circle in mind when you donate.

KINSHIP CIRCLE - Action Campaigns I Literature I Voice For Animals
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