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26 January 2007

"Land of the Free", unless, of course, you're Catholic 


Catholic News Agency: Union tells Catholic teacher to 'change religion' or pay forced dues
posted 26 January 2007

"A Catholic teacher in Ohio was told she could only be exempt from paying union dues to the Ohio Education Association (OEA), if she changed religions. The teacher had requested [an] exemption after learning that the dues would assist in the promotion of abortion." Read the full story.

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Blogger Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I believe it. That union is INSANE (former teacher talking to you here). Don't they realize they are advocating the killing of their future students?

27 January, 2007 05:55  
Blogger White Ops said...

It seems to me, or maybe it's because I am naive, that they used to be sneaky about these types of things. Now they seem to be so blatant about promoting their agendas and attacking the good and those that stand for good.

29 January, 2007 11:42  

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