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28 November 2006

Stupid, stupid, stupid Blogger! 

... and did I say "stupid"?! Arrrrgghhhh!

Lured by the siren song of Blogger Beta's tagging feature (which they stubbornly insist on calling "labels", even though everyone else says "tags"), I switched over to give it a spin. I went through all my posts and tagged 'em, republished my blog to make 'em active, aaannnd ...

... kept getting the following error message: FTP response 421 received. Server closed connection.

And not all of my posts got tagged -- some did, some didn't. (At least, that was the deal the last time I checked.)

I started searchin' through Blogger's help -- no luck. Looked through the Blogger Help Group -- lots of techno-gobbledygook that was beyond me. Did a general web search -- again with the technobabble.

:::stream of verybadwords:::

Yeah, yeah, I know it's a beta version and therefore has bugs. But still, I'm grumpy.

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Blogger Leticia said...

I'm grumpy too! I haven't even tried tags yet, I'm still learning the beta ropes!

19 December, 2006 07:42  

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