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09 November 2006

Joseph-i-licious book fun 

Husband Mike and I rarely buy books, 'cause we prefer to just check 'em out from the library. It's cheaper, saves space, and gives us an excuse to hang out at our spiffy library. And on those occasions when we actually do pony up for a book, we've usually read the sucker first to make sure it's Something We Really Want To Own.

However, when it comes to Josephological books, well, I'm a bit more willing to flat-out buy 'em sight unseen, and the Oblates of St. Joseph's Guardian of the Redeemer Bookstore is The place to go. Since it's been months since my last Joseph fix, I've been gettin' twitchy, so I just placed an order for 3 promising-looking titles:

Family of St. Joseph Prayer Manual
by the Oblates of St. Joseph

Joseph in the New Testament
by Fr. Larry Toschi, OSJ

Just Man, Husband of Mary, Guardian of Christ: An Anthology of Readings from Jeronimo Gracian's Summary of the Excellencies of St. Joseph (1597)
by Joseph F. Chorpenning, OSFS

Of these, I'm most drooling over the last one (Just Man ...). The book reviews/descriptions I've read have got me excited -- for example, "Joseph Chorpenning not only gives us a brilliant translation of Gracin's book, but his own commentaries, following each of the chapters, make use of all the major books on St. Joseph from the 16th century to the present." :::swoon::: And it's got nifty illustrations!

So, everything shipped out yesterday, and I'm on pins 'n' needles awaitin' their arrival. Mebbe I'll post a few reviews once I get my mitts on 'em and have time to digest it all. :-)

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Blogger p8 said...

I was thinking about you the other day...our parish men's choir is singing a piece for Christmas that describes Joseph at the Nativity as "bent and hoary" (i.e., old). I was thinking, "Lisa would not be amused...Joseph was only 17!"

22 November, 2006 08:28  
Blogger Lisa, ofs said...

ROTFLOL! Heee -- thanks for sharing! :-)

22 November, 2006 10:05  

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