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03 November 2006

Cats 'n' prayer 

What is it with cats and praying? It's some sort of cat magnet, especially with The B.

For example, whenever I pray the Rosary, he'll appear outta thin air and nose his way Into The Middle Of Things. And it's not like I make any noise. I keep my Rosary under my pillow, and it's a knotted twine one to boot -- no jangly beads.

More often than not, I find myself in the following situation:

Me: "Hail Mary, full of -- B, let go! -- grace, blessed art thou among women, and bl- hey! Stop biting that!"

And since I pray the Rosary just before I fall asleep and am therefore lying down, I usually have to yank the thing out from under The B when he decides to flop on my chest. It can be a bit of a challenge to stay focused at times, but the purring is nice.

Same thing when praying the Liturgy of the Hours. 'Cause I'm lazy, I always pray the Morning and Evening Office while in bed, just before getting up/going to sleep. So, The B has this whole routine of pawing at the pages, batting at the ribbons, and then settling on top of the whole deal, usually right when I'm mid-page-turn. And those are thin, crinkly pages! Gaaah!

Do I get to count any o' this against time served in Purgatory? :-P

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