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15 September 2006

Update #2: Poor Clares in Mexico 

Bad news on the fundraising efforts for the Mexican Poor Clares (previous update). The following email (sent 08-Aug-06) is from Diana Faust, SFO, who was investigating ways to help the sisters:

"I regret to tell you that the project of rebuilding the Poor Clare monastery is on hold. While we generated several interesting leads for the sisters, the one difficulty that can't be overcome at the moment is the size of the project. Rather than needing US $50,000, the sisters actually need $565,106. I haven't made a mistake in converting the currency, they need $565,106.

"Raising over a half million dollars is a full-time job that would take at least a year, a project way beyond our capacity. Even though we could probably raise $50,000 for a project that could be completed for that amount, few donors would donate significant funds for a project that can't be completed.

"So at this point, I have revised the brochure to reflect the new costs, taken off the association with [the Mother Cabrini Region of the Secular Franciscan Order], and listed Sr. Maria Burke ... as the contact ... for donations. I will also pass along to her the information that we've gathered. Perhaps this will help point them in the right direction. Some of these contacts may provide general support for the sisters even if they won't support the construction. If you think of anything else we can do, call [773.278.6724] or email me [diana @ (remove spaces)].

"Thank you all for your enthusiasm for this project."

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