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10 November 2006

Fun with labels and lists 

Back in August, Blogger added the ability to tag posts in their new beta version, and they've finally let us existing users play with it now.

So, I've been going through old posts and tagging them (handy!), but annoyingly, Blogger is republishing stuff to my site feed. (Gaah!) I'm also trying to figger out a way to get a list of my tags (or "labels" as Blogger insists on calling 'em) to display in my template's sidebar. What a headache! I've been spelunking for code samples through their Help section to no avail. (Can anyone point me in the right direction?)

As I flail around getting all that put together, I apologize for any code weirdness that may pop up. And the gosh-darned webfeed republishing with gobs of entries. :::grumble:::

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, I wanna know what you do, so when you figger it out you can teach me.


your padwan,

13 November, 2006 18:52  

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