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12 January 2007

Hilarious: Wrapped nuns; Franciscan quip 

Oh, I think I hurt something laughing so hard over this ...

First, reading Jeff Miller's hilarious post, "Seal in Nun Freshness", had me in stitches. Then I read the following bit in the Comments section and flailed 'round to keep from fallin' off the chair:

"The mediaeval spirit loved its part in life as a part, not a whole; its charter for it came from something else. There is a joke about a Benedictine monk who used the common grace of Benedictus benedicat, whereupon the unlettered Franciscan triumphantly retorted Franciscus Franciscat. It is something of a parable of mediaeval history; for if there were a verb Franciscare it would be an approximate description of what St. Francis afterwards did." [G.K. Chesterton, A Short History of England]

I love that quote for many reasons, but I especially snorted over the "Franciscat" bit. Why? Check out my user names in the "On My Radar" section to the right --> . (Tho' I came up with the term because I'm a Franciscan who loves cats.)

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