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19 April 2007

GooseWatch 2007 

I've mentioned before how waterfowl hang out on our property, something that greatly delights Husband Mike and me. We especially love to watch the continual antics of the Canada Geese, and it's a real treat to see nesting couples.

So, when we recently noticed a new nest, we were thrilled and promptly incorporated regular "checkups" to see how things were going. Of course, I had to name them (hey, easier to keep track that way), so they were christened Miles and Keiko.

Each day we'd call each other with Goose Reports: "Saw Keiko this morning; all seems to be well", "Keiko was gathering grass around herself", and "Keiko looked good, didn't see Miles". Actually, we really only reported on Keiko, since Miles did a good job of keeping himself hidden.

Because nesting Canada GooseMoms rarely leave their nests -- doing so only to quickly eat and drink -- when I didn't see Keiko on or anywhere near her nest a few days ago, alarm bells rang. I meant to call Husband Mike about it as soon as I got to work, but was sucked into Neverending Meeting Heck and forgot. But, Husband Mike also noticed the situation and called me that afternoon. What happened?

First, we checked to ensure the folks who manage our property didn't destroy the nest (it's illegal), which they thankfully didn't -- they were aware of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Then Husband Mike investigated the nest up close for clues ... we're not absolutely sure, but our best guess is a visit from a hungry coyote. Definitely wasn't a case of licensed egg-addling or an attack from another goose couple.

Because the destruction happened so soon after the clutch was laid, neither of us had enough time to memorize Keiko and Miles' features to identify 'em from the other geese (yes, it can be done), so we're not sure if they're the ones who just started up another nest a few yards away from the old site.

So, to be safe, we're calling this (perhaps) new pair "Miles-and-Keiko.2". And our daily update calls have resumed. :-P

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